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Promo: Perfect Effects 8

onOne Software is giving away its one-stop photo effect software Perfect Effects 8 for free

Coming as a nice surprise, onOne Software is now giving away its effect specialist Perfect Effects 8 for free. Perfect Effects offers over a hundred one-click adjustments for your photos, including bw effects like Chrome. Like its nearest competitor, the Google-acquired Nik Color Efex Pro (now only available as a suite for 149 USD), it excels with selective editing, allowing for focused changes. The Perfect Brush tool helps to stay within bounds. Effects can be stacked, too, and masks are supported.

All you need to do is register. onOne Software will then provide an unlock code to be used with up to two Macs. Photo Effects comes as a plug-in for Photoshop, Photoshop Effects, Aperture and Lightroom, or can be used as a standalone app. (MacConfig)