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Google Chrome slow on Mavericks?

Since your upgrade to Mavericks (OS X 10.9), Google's Chrome browser takes much longer to load pages. You haven't changed anything else, and Safari works just fine. Is there anything you can do?

Although there is no definitive answer, you can try the following solutions (which have helped with our Chrome installations):

  • Reset Chrome. You can do that via Chrome's settings. To go there, hit cmd-; or enter chrome://settings/ in the address bar. You need to enable Chrome's extended settings in order to make the reset option appear.
  • Turn off predictive loading in the privacy section of the settings.

In many cases, though, the network isn't the problem. Rather, it seems Chrome has problems with the HiDPI mode of Retina displays and/or 4K displays. A tool that may help is Apple's Quartz Debug. You can install it via Xcode's "Developer Tools" -> "More Developer Tools" -> Download the most current Graphics package and install. When finished, start up Quartz Debug and change the setting for "Beam Sync" to "Disable". This will considerably speed up rendering of pages within Chrome. (MacConfig)

Change the Beam Sync setting to "Disable"
and Chrome will speed up rendering.